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Terms and Conditions

Under French law, only the French text of our terms and conditions is valid. What follows immediately below is a translation.

Corona update: in times of emergency the following conditions do not apply. Instead, we follow the protocols of the French government.

Art 1 – application

The general terms and conditions apply to any stay in / on the grounds, the guest rooms, the Gite and the campsite of Qui Vivra Verra, unless otherwise agreed in writing and signed by the owners Coen and / or Ingrid Gosselink.

Art 2 – duration of stay

You can only stay in / on Qui Vivra Verra for tourist reasons, with a limited stay. Under no circumstances can the customer invoke any right to perpetuate his stay.

Art 3 – reservation

The reservation is only final when the guest has paid the deposit including reservation and administration costs (2011-2012 = € 20.00); The deposit is 33% of the night, with a minimum of one night per reserved room. You will receive a confirmation of receipt and reservation confirmation from the owner (s) by email or telephone.

Art 4 – balance

The outstanding amount of your stay and the meals used during the entire stay (breakfast, lunch, dinner), drinks and possibly. bike rental. will be settled on the morning of departure. If you have been a guest with us for all the number of days booked, the reservation and administration costs already paid will be deducted from the outstanding amount.

Art 5 – cancellation by the customer

Any cancellation must be announced in writing or by telephone. Confirmation of cancellation by owner (s) is by email or telephone. The following costs will be charged:

a) If canceled up to 28 days before the start of the stay: the 33% deposit will be refunded, the reservation and administration fees already paid will not be refunded.

b) Cancellation of 27 days or less before the start of the stay: the full amount will be charged.

c) if the guest decides after arrival to shorten the pre-booked stay, the full reserved length of stay will still be charged.

General: Most of our guests have travel insurance and it is there to get your money back in case of good reason. We basically don’t do this. What we do often and since Covid has been around we have often agreed to leave a deposit for other dates and this works very nicely.

The deposit is often made in the winter period and is then our only income hence also difficult to refund.

Art 6 – cancellation by the owners

In case the owners are obliged to cancel the stay, the guest will be informed immediately in writing or by email. The guest receives previously deposited amounts immediately.

Art 7 – arrival

In case of late arrival (after 20:00), the guest must inform the owner by telephone (0033 (0) 233 565 405). In the case of a short stay (1 night) and the guest has not arrived before 20:00, the agreement will be considered as not concluded. The owner then has access to the room (s). The total deposit will not be refunded in this case.

Art 8 – tourist tax

The sojourn tax, if applicable, (taxe de séjour) is a local tax, which must be paid by the guest to the owner on site; the owner pays (if customary locally) the sojourn tax to the tax collector.

Art 9 – use of the guest rooms, in and around the house

The guest is expected to keep the peace and to use installations, buildings and furniture exclusively for their intended purpose. The guest undertakes to leave the rooms in good condition. Published instructions on the use of the sanitary facilities must be respected by the guest.

Any damage to the owner’s property caused by the guest must be reported immediately to the owners. Complaints, complaints and comments about your stay must be discussed with the owner (s) during your stay at Qui Vivra Verra. Complaints afterwards (upon or after returning home) without consultation with the owners during your stay at Qui Vivra Verra cannot be accepted.

It is not allowed to use food or drink that you brought with you on the public terrace area. Owners will make every effort to make your stay as pleasant and pleasant as possible for you and all other guests at the same time, in accordance with the general terms and conditions mentioned here.

Art 10 – capacity

The agreement is always concluded for an exact number of people. If the number of guests is higher than agreed and no other guest rooms are available, the owner can refuse the additional guests. Under no circumstances can this refusal be understood as a change or cancellation of the agreement by the owner.

Art 11 – pets

Pets are allowed in the rooms, in the building or on the Qui Vivra Verra site in consultation with the owner (prior to the stay). Pets are NOT allowed in the luxury caravan. The refusal of pets by the owner (s) can in no way be understood as a change or cancellation of the agreement by the owner. The owner assumes that you know your pet well and that you therefore accept normal manners. During your stay, the owner can, if necessary with regard to other guests / pets, ask you to keep your pet on a leash.

Art 12 – smoking

Smoking is allowed on the terrace and in the garden. Not in the rooms and during meals in the dining room. For our guests we have a covered terrace and a terrace at the gite, so smoking is allowed there.

It is NOT allowed to smoke in the luxury caravan .. The owner may also request that you not smoke in the public part of the house, because of any inconvenience to other non-smoking guests. You must respect this request.