Our B&B (Adults Only) is really a small paradise in the heart of Normandy, where you can enjoy the peace, nature, the invasion beaches which are 45 km to the north and the lovely cooking of the host.

We do hope, we can make you curious on our website, and if so we are assured we will succeed to do that in France. Qui Vivra Verra is an old latin saying, which means ”Who lives today, takes care for tomorrow”

The campsite is fully booked until August 20!

Qui Vivra Verra on TV

The atmosphere at Qui Vivra Verra


As can be read in almost all reviews, hosting is a great quality of Coen Gosselink. Coen knows a lot about the area and almost everything about the landing beaches. In addition to the landing beaches and Mont St Michel, there are many nice towns and castles to visit. The coast is very quiet, even in the high season and everywhere you can enjoy culture, nature, company, food and conviviality at the B&B where there is a fire with music every evening.

Info about the accommodation options

Qui Vivra Verra offers different accommodation options, at different prices. There are options for groups, such as football, hockey or other teams, pony camps and bachelor clubs.


Camping Qui Vivra Verra in Le Mesnil-Amey is a small and quiet campsite of Dutch owners located in the Manche department in the Normandy region. The campsite is a little paradise in the Manche department, near the town of Saint-Lô. You will camp at Qui Vivra Verra for the peace, nature, conviviality, the sights of Normandy and the delicious cooking skills of the owners. Several farm animals walk on the site.

More Accommodation Options

La Campagne

Price: €70,- per night

also called Gite

Suitable for: 2 persons

Le Cabane

Price: €70,- per night

€360,00/week for 2 persons

Suitable for: 4 persons

Le Grenier

Price: €125 per night

€600/week (6 nights)

Suitable for:  6 persons


Price: €75 per night

Cozy room

Suitable for: 3 persons


Price: €70 per night

Room with a nice design

Suitable for: 2 persons


Price: €65 per night

Very spacious room

Suitable for: 2 persons


Price: €60 per night

2 luxurious showers in the hallway

Suitable for 2 persons

St Lo

Price: €60 per night

Spacious and classic room

Suitable for 2 persons

Big Groups

Since 2019 you can rent the whole B&B during the months: januari, februari,march, november and December for only 1000 €  per week. During Cristmas and newyearsday, it will be € 2000, and that is in both prices without breakfast and dinner ofcourse. For this offer we accept the maximum of 15 persons. Bedding and towels are in the price.

Adults Only

Qui Vivra Verra is an Adult Only campsite and operates on a reservation basis only. Adult only campsites are campsites specialising in holidays for adults where tranquillity is central. The campsites are often in prime locations surrounded by nature where you wake up to the cheerful chirping of birds and the rustling of trees. Start the day with freshly baked bread rolls and then go for a nice walk or cycle ride.

The facilities at ‘campsites without children’ are fully equipped to give you an enjoyable holiday. Think of a charging point for your electric bicycle, sandwich service and walking and cycling routes. Campsites where it’s all about hospitality and service, so that you as a guest can optimally enjoy an enjoyable holiday.

In short: this is now camping without children. It is often said that these will be 55 plus campsites, or senior campsites. We firmly deny this. Increasingly, there are ‘couples’ who consciously or unconsciously choose not to have children.

Only Adults campings, for people who want to camp without children

Adults lead busy and hectic lives, a busy job, looking after (grand)children, a social life, what could be better than being able to spend time just for yourself and your partner during the holidays? A holiday where you can do whatever you want and where all facilities are available to ensure you have a good time. This is possible at adult only campsites.

The image of a campsite with only people over fifty is therefore completely unfounded, because more and more teachers, babysitters’ wives and busy thirty-somethings also appreciate our concept. Experience it for yourself!

Fun fact

Lots of guests ask me in summer ” it is still day here at 23.00 at nighttime, how is that possible?” . Than I do answer:’ ‘ We do live on the west side of Greenwich , but we are still in the western European timezone, so we enjoy longer nights at night and we can sleep longer in the dark, in the morning, and so do our guests”