Enjoy culinary delights at Qui Vivra Verra

Every day we can offer you a dinner for only €26 pp excluding drinks during this dinner 

We do BBQ nights, greek nights , italian nights and off course, we have the special Normandy night and the French night. These last two are a little bit more expensive because it’s the whole night of tasting with special tasts and wines.

The Normandy night will be organized by Ingrid and it includes an excursion to the sea, where you meet the Normandy lifestyle and at night we taste the good stuff from the sea. 

The French night will be organized by Coen and here you have a full night program where you taste the best french cheeses , hams, salads with a very nice collection of wines 

For these 2 events we ask €45 pp .. look at the pictures to see what you get and feel the good ambiance.

You can join us once a week for a delicious evening Normandy:
This implies a very nice “plateau de fruits de mer” mussels and frites, of course, served with a delicious white wine. All for €45 per person

Bread service

Next season we will have bread service so that we will have even more peace on the campsite, less emissions and fewer slamming doors Now only the baker or we ourselves drive and not everyone on their own.


In the summer, our barbecue is a frequently recurring feast!
Book before 13.00 hours and enjoying the evening barbecue with various meats and fish, salad and French bread along with various sauces.
All this for only €26 excluding drinks!


On Saturday we organize our famous cheese evening. You will taste, in four courses, nine different cheeses from the region, together with  6 selected  better wines for only €45 per person, including of course the fine wines, salads. If you are not a cheese lover, then we have plenty of other goodies


We’re going to do something new next year, and that’s the PickNick. On nice warm evenings, we will provide real Norman dishes, so many different dishes and therefore something for everyone, including vegetarians. At the edge of our swimming pond and the river we will then enjoy all these flavors. And again for the price of €26 pp excluding drinks and adjusted price for kids under 12 years old