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Qui Vivra Verra, chambre d'hote Normandie Willkommen

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Room 1 and 2 as well the attic do have their own sanitair. Than we have toilets and showers in the hall for rooms 3,4, and 5 . off course the price of these rooms are less. Look for the prices on the chapture PRICES

Also we have a small gite, thats the french word for holidayhouse. This gite is a small old bakery, where they made bread in the old days ( from 1616) when the farm , mill and bakery was build. This gite is small and not very lux, but it is very cosy. The terras of this gite is bigger than the house is and has always sun, when it shines off course. The gite is perfect for a couple and because of the stairs not for handicapped or very old people.

All our guests can have dinner at night for the small price off € 22,50 excluding drinks as wine and beer, what will be served at the terras outside of the B&B with a roof on it or in the dining room when it is colder. After dinner we always make a fire for our guests where we can have a drink afterwards. This is selfservice and the prices of the drinks are low because off that

On this terras we do have WIFI so people with bussiness can use that when needed. We advertise with peace and calm , so we do not like people are using that for a long time, same as the use of mobile phones.

Breakfast; This will be served on the terras outside in summer or in the dining room, when it’s colder. The price of the breakfast is € 7.50 per person, and we offer you: an boiled egg, french bread, tea, coffee, orange juice, and loads to put on your bread.

Animals: We do accept animals as cats and dogs, but after some bad experiences we hold our guests responsable for all what goes wrong. As we say . the boss knows his pett the best , and we do not allow: Pittbuls, English Steffords, Dobbermans, and rotweilers. We have 2 dogs ourselves and they are good with other dogs.

€ 5  a night per animal

Small price for reservations for 7 nights or more: the 7th night is half price

For reservations of 1 night we ask 10% plus


This year 2015 you can rent the whole B&B during the months: januari, februari,march, november and December for only 1000 €  per week. During Cristmas and newyearsday, it will be € 2000, and that is in both prices without breakfast and dinner ofcourse. For this offer we accept the maximum of 15 persons. Bedding and towels are in the price.

Vieuw the pictures of all our rooms, than click here

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